1.) The participation is possible only for persons with age of 18 years at least 1 day before the date of the start.

A person with age 15-17 years can participate only in case his/her parent/legal representative will be present at the presentation (check-in) place, where an written approval of participation of an underage person in Javornícka stovka will be signed and subsequently confirmed with organizer's signature.

2.) Enrollment has been completed only via the Javornícka stovka enrollment form (it is not possible to enroll at start place or during the check-in), the full start fee was paid based on the instruction sent by Javornícka stovka organizers to the e-mail address provided during the enrollment and the person is listed in the start list on the Javornícka stovka website with status of completed registration.

3.) The enrollment fee for Javornícka stovka is 30 € for one person. The information about start fee payment eill br sent to the e-mail address provided in the enrollment form. The start fee payment must be done as bank transfer to the Javornícka stovka bank account in EUR currency and within the time limit for start fee payment. Cash payments and payments in other currency are not accepted.

The time limit for start fee payment is 7 working days since the date when e-mail containing the registration number and  the information about start fee payment has been sent to the participant (not since the date you have opened the e-mail). In case the start fee payment will be not received within the announced time limit for start fee payment, the registration will be cancelled without further warning and this person will loose the possibility to enroll for the same Javornícka stovka edition again.

The start fee can not be transferred to another participant (start fee can not be sold to another person, start fee can not be bought from an enrolled participant). In case of disobedience to this rule the person will loose the possibility to participate in Javornícka stovka.

4.) Participation cancellation: The Information about your participation cancellation must be announced via e-mail sent to until 28. September 2018 24:00 CET (participation cancellation announced verbally or via phone call or via social network is not accepted).
If the start fee was already payed, this will be returned to you excluding the cancellation fee of 10 € (cancellation fee will be subtracted from the start fee) only in case, that the information about participation cancellation was announced via e-mail to before 28. September 2018 24.00 CET (bank account number information required).

5.) Participants take part in the Javornícka stovka event at their own risk. The organizers take no responsibility for the possible harm or damage should any happen to the participants or should be any caused by them.

6.) The Javornícka stovka race organizers strongly recommend to all participants to undergo an individual medical check-up before the Javornícka stovka race.

7.) Maximal number of participants is decided by the race organizer.

8.) Participant has to check-in in Čadca before start (either on Friday evening or on Saturday morning), pick up the control sheet, the race bib and the chip (eventually receive instruction). The condition of participation is the agreement (with his/her signature) with the Participant's declaration (document will be attached in June 2018).

9.)  In case of chip loss the participant will pay 10 EUR penalisation to the race organizer.


1.) Every participant must bring the mandatory equipment. In case of missing mandatory equipment the participant will be not allowed to start. In case of missing mandatory equipment items found during the race (see the pt. IV. 7.) the participant will be disqualified.

2.) The mandatory equipment contains:

  • isothermic blanket
  • forehead lamp with reserve batteries
  • mobile phone (turned on) with the SIM card which phone number was in the enrollment form
  • paper map (maps) containing the whole course of Javornícka stovka, or a GPS device with recorded file displaying the course (the link for downloading the gpx file can be found in the Course section)
  • streak reflex or a streak reflective vest
  • bottle(s) or a hydration pack with resorvoir with capacity at least 1 L
  • own cup, tumbler or  flask with wide mouth 1,5 dl minimum (flasks with narrow mouth or bottle lid are not accepted)
  • identity card
  • race bib placed visibly on the front body side during the whole race duration (race bib will be provided by Javornícka stovka race organizers)

3.) The mandatory equipment check can be done either before start or at any place of the course by organizer or authorized volunteer.


1.) The check-in (presence) takes place on Friday evening in the Elementary school building (Rázusova street) in Čadca (18.00 - 23.00 CET) and on Saturday morning at the start place - Námestie slobody square (06.00 - 07.15 CET).

2.) Before the start we will collect the baggage for transport to finish (for those participants, who have ordered this service in enrollment form). The baggage must be hand over to the race organizers at the start place - Námestie slobody square - at least 15 minutes before race start. The baggage must be marked with a label with the start number, name and surname of the baggage owner.

3.) The participants start together on 13. October 2018 at 07.30 CET.

4.) The Javornícka stovka course is exactly set, participant has to keep the defined course.

5.) Carrying of participant's equipment by any other person is strictly prohibited.

6.) Support or assistance for the participant (e.g. by family members, friends...) can be provided only at the staffed checkpoints.

7.) In the interest of protection of participant's health the present medics are authorized to take a decision on participation discontinuance due to health reasons (in case of health problem which could cause danger to participant's safety). In such case the participant must conform to this decision.

8.) Should the participant decide to quit before he can get to the nearest checkpoint, he is obliged to call and inform the organizers, or to send a SMS message (in case of missing signal as soon as possible). Organizer's phone number(s) will be available in the control sheet.

9.) Javornícka stovka participant is obliged to help to other participant in emergency case.

10.) In case the participant would discover any situation, which could cause danger to Javornícka stovka participants safety, health or life during the course, the participant is obliged to inform the race organizers immediately.

11.) The race organizers reserve the right to change the course, event programme or to cancel the event (especially for participants safety reason).


1.) There are staffed ("live") checkpoints (staffed with Javornícka stovka organizers or authorized volunteers), which position is announced to the participants in the Course section on this website and in the control sheets, which will be provided to the participants during check-in. On top of this there are staffed ("live") checkpoints (staffed with Javornícka stovka organizers or authorized volunteers), which position will be not announced to the participants prior to the race.

2.) At each staffed ("live") checkpoint the participant will receive a punches control mark to the control sheet and the arrival time will be recorded to the electronic timekeeping system (chip). Therefore the participant goes to the checkpoint staff desk (control) immediately after he/she came to the checkpoint (not when leaving the checkpoint or after taking refreshment break). The organizers or authorized voluntees have also right to check the punches control marks from the previous checkpoints.

3.) The total time limit for completing the Javornícka stovka course is 28 hours. Further there are time limits for the staffed checkpoints (see the section Course for more information). In case the participant will arrive after the time limit for the checkpoint, he will be not allowed to continue in the race (DNF), but he will be allowed to continue out of the race.

4.) Participant, who will go through all the staffed checkpoints with keeping it's time limits and witin the race regulations scope and will arrive to the finish place within the overall time limit, will receive a certificate of Javornícka stovka completion.

5.) One missing live checkpoint record results in disqualification (DSQ).

6.) Intended shortening of the course, using an vehicle and any other kind of cheating will result in disqualification (DSQ) and banishment from all future Javornícka stovka editions.

7.) Refusing help to other participant in case of emergency, verbal insulting or menacing action to the organizers or volunteers, refusing the mandatory equipment check, missing mandatory equipment items (forehead lamp, mobile phone, isothermic blanket, bottle(s) or a hydration pack with resorvoir with capacity at least 1 L) result in disqualification (DSQ).

8.) Missing own cup, tumbler or  flask with wide mouth 1,5 dl minimum, missing identity card, missing streak reflex or a streak reflective vest will be penalised with 1 hour added to the total time.

9.) Incorrectly placed race bib (back side of the body, race bib not visible) will be penalised with 15 minutes added to the total time. Exception to this rule is situation, when the race organizer allows also other race bib placement.

10.) The participants are not allowed to throw their rubbish away outside the staffed checkpoints or public waste bins. Throwing away rubbish outside the staffed checkpoints or public waste bins (voluntary act) will be penalised with 1 hour added to the total time.

11.) Penalisation or disqualification will be applied at the place where the violance of a rule(s) was found, or at the next staffed checkpoint in case the participant, who has violated the rule(s), left the checkpoint before applying the penalisation or disqualification. Penalisation or disqualification will be applied by organizer or by authorized volunteer at the checkpoint after telephone consultation with organizer.

12.) Protest against possible problems in organization or event flow and similar can be applied at finish place 1 hour after the total time limit's end (until 14. October 2018 12.30 CET latest). Entering a protest is being done direct to the organizers (face-to-face). The condition of entering a protest is a 20 EUR advance deposit paid. In case the protest will be accepted, the deposit of 20 EUR will be returned to the participant, in case the protest will be not accepted, the caution forfeitures in organizer's behoof.


1.) The participants must take into account, that they going through the preserved natural area CHKO Kysuce. They are obligated to keep the respective legislative, especially the Nature and landscape protection act nr. 543/2002.

2.) The participants must behave considerate in the nature, they are not allowed to leave the marked tourist paths needlessly.

3.) The participants are not allowed to throw their garbage away outside the staffed checkpoints or public waste bins.


In terms of the personal protection act nr. 122/2013 the participant agrees through his registration with administration, processing and storage of the personal information required in the registration form by the Slovak Ultra Trail association located in Bratislava, Nejedlého 41, 841 02 Bratislava, IČO 42364582, for the purpose of registration for the event Javornícka stovka, limited by 1 year. After this period the personal information of the participant will be deleted.