Javornícka stovka 2018 is a Qualifying Race for UTMB. Javornícka stovka 2018 will give 5 qualifying points for UTMB registrations. The condition for receiving the UTMB qualifying points is to finish the Javornícka stovka 2018 course (certified by ITRA) within 24 hours and in terms of the race regulations.

Based on the actual information 15 points acquired in 3 races maximum in past 2 years (e.g. for UTMB 2018 it was between 1.1.2016 and 31.12.2017) are required for UTMB registration. For more information about UTMB enrollment visit the UTMB website.

The number of UTMB qualifying points can be verified on
www.ultratrailmb.com, where you can also search for other qualifying races to get the remaining qualifying points for UTMB registration.